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Things to do in Ukriane- While studying in Ukrainian Universities

Things to do in Ukraine

Things to do in Ukraine

Things to do in Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest continent after Russia. It is a beautiful western country having extensive old towns, fairy tale castles, delicious cuisines, landscapes, cathedrals, world-class Universities, adventure parks, and many more fun exciting places. It is a perfect place for bag-packers or who love to explore new things. Students who get tired with their daily routine so there are many thing to do in Ukraine. 

Every year a lot of international students and tourist approach Ukraine for different purpose. To discover unforgettable expedition of Ukraine you have to take a dive into Ukrainian culture and tradition. Ukraine has a rich history and a wonderful present. The bewitching landscape and excellent architecture of Ukraine will provide you best memories of life.

Cathedrals of Ukraine are world famous for its magnificent architecture and amazing monuments and museums displaying the ancient history of Ukraine. One of the famous cathedral in Ukraine is St. Sophia’s cathedral in Kiev.

You can go for trolley ride over the river Dnieper. It is a 532 meters stretched from right to left river bank. It is a fun ride for curious and adventurous travelers. You can also experience click snaps on beautiful picturesque scene. There is also an open air museum called Kamianets-Podilskyi castle, it is famous for Hot air balloon festival.

Ukraine is also notable for blue skies and sunflower fields. As Ukraine is the largest exporter of Sunflower, you can see it anywhere from south to north. Slovenia territory of Ukraine is covered with endless sunflower fields. So don’t forget to take a perfect click for your snapchat. July is the perfect month for blooming sunflower fields.

A green tunnel located in the tiny village called Klevan, This tunnel is known as the tunnel of love. It is purely build with greenery and considered as a romantic place, sound like fairy tale but it exists.

Apart from historical places it’s time to play with ocean waves. Odessa is a city located on the side of Black sea. It is a one stop source for party buddies. There are countless bars, beaches and clubs, where you can relax and see the perfect sunset. Odessa is also known for the world longest red carpet. It is also enlisted by UNESCO for World heritage sites.

At the end of the day, Ukrainian food and cuisines will melt you heart with their exotic flavors and combination of hospitality with traditional food. Ukrainian foods are never being satisfying you as they are out of your expectations. 

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